Health Program

We believe that prevention is better than cure. In most cases the health of the common villagers are vitiated by various types of endemic diseases which can be prevented if they are made aware of the causative factors of the diseases. Contaminated drinking water, faulty sanitation facilities, lack of hygiene are some of the major reasons for these diseases. We are organizing awareness camps to sensitize the target audience regarding the maneuver of preventing these diseases and maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Apart from these we are fomenting health awareness among the women folk on a bunch of seminal issues like:

  • Pre-natal and Ante-natal care (with special emphasis on immunization) Low cost nutrition
  • Scientific Cooking
  • Scientific methods of Contraception

We are also organizing regular medical checkup camp for the indigent populace by registered doctors at various places within the ambit of our operational area. It supports those members with financial aid where they cannot afford the heavily subsidized hospitals rate. During this year Sampark has conducted 4 sessions and attendance was recorded 471.

Awareness raising on personal health program.

Cluster Meetings on Personal Hygiene Education

Cluster meetings are organized for raising awareness among the community (men, women, adolescent girls and boys, and children) on the use of safe water, sanitary latrine and good hygiene practices. Different types of communication materials are used for the target audience in this regard.

Women’s Convention

Women are the main victims of poor water and sanitation facilities at both household and community level. In 2011-12 , 587 women participated Sampark’s training program . These programs are useful for gaining a better understanding of gender-based needs and issues in the water and sanitation sector.