Micro Finance

This is an intricate process which is a synchronization of three levels of activities.

At the first level we are trying to make our beneficiaries more sensitized regarding the subtle nuances of human-resource management, group-management. We are crystallizing the valor, tenacity, resilience and fortitude of the group-members. Moreover we are trying our best to establish solidarity and cohesion among the members of the self-help group.

At the second level, with utmost solicitude, we give training to the people on important issues like financial-management, documentation, and credit-management. We mobilize loans from the Banks or affluent persons and opulent organizations. Subsequently we disburse that money as loans at a flexible terms and conditions to the underprivileged people of the rural areas without any collateral security. We also give the basic education to those people regarding the communication with different people so that they can carry out necessary transactions for satisfying the various requisites of their micro-enterprises.

At the third level, we are making people equipped with technical inputs through vocational training on goatery, poultry, mushroom-culture, dairy-management etc. Gradually our beneficiaries are getting acquainted with the prowess required for managing the technical aspects of their micro-enterprise.

Our Future Products

  • Micro Health Loan
  • Micro Enterprise