Case Studies

Rinku Ghosh

Rinku was a housewife. Her husband works as a daily labor in agriculture and earns a small amount to run their family of five members having two sons and one daughter. But Rinku is very determined considering her children’s future. She talks with her family to do something more for additional income without which the family would ruin. She tells her husband to manage some money but he fails to manage as nobody was willing to lend money to them thinking that they would fail to return. During this time, one of her neighbors comes to see her and informs about Sampark. She also invites her to join in the next group meeting. Rinku does this and informs the loan officer details about the situation. He tells her to be a member of that women’s group and she follow the instruction. Rinku was provided Rs.10000 as the first loan from Sampark to start the business. She buys paper and gum to start business of “Paper made Basket” and sells the baskets in the local market. They get the light of hope from the additional income. After paying the first loan successfully, she received the second loan of Rs.15000. Then she plans to change her business and tells her husband to buy a cow. She gets good profit . This year she gets loan of Rs.50000 considering her struggling mentality as well as success. During this time, business becomes popular in her area. She takes decision to introduce this and buys another 4 cows with the money. She pays the installment regularly and rest of the money spends for the family, as well as education of her children. At present she is doing well. She expands her business built better living place for the family. Now she is well known as a women entrepreneur in the area.

Rinku is always grateful to Sampark. She believes that it would not be possible for her to come to this position, if Sampark would have not assisted her .

Tapasi Das

Tapasi is one of our first members. She was a house wife. Her husband work as a van puller. Their family relied mainly on his income. Her husband could barely support his family. She lived on one acre of land in a small thatched hut that leaked during the monsoon. Her husband’s earning would dry up every time when there was heavy rain in monsoon. Tapasi thought it would be good to invest in grocery .

Sampark had just started distributing loans in 2006 when Tapasi took a Rs. 7000 loan to invest in Business, which augmented her meager income. She started her business with a small grocery shop and later she changed her business to shoe making . Today, Tapasi is in her 10th loan cycle and taken Rs. 40000. She is doing very well in her business .Now She lives in a solid home with a clay-shingled roof. This hard-won financial independence allows her to support her three children, who are the first generation in her family to attend school.