Our Key Strategists

Sri Baikantha Nath Biswas

An inveterate visionary and a tireless missionary.

Baikantha Nath Biswas may be designated as a paragon of strategic pragmatism. Over 35 years he has made himself acquainted with the intricacies of Micro-finance and livelihood program. Apart from this he has also achieved stupendous mastery over the other associated issues like SHG Management, Community-Based Development, Participatory Methodology etc. He has delivered sublime lecture with tremendous eloquence in various developing countries of the world, enunciating the immense significance of Micro-finance in emancipating people from the insidious labyrinth of abject indigence.

With utmost diligence and deliberation, he has planned the logical framework and operational maneuver of our programs. Not only that, he is constantly guiding us to execute the planned programs with matchless precision and acuity.

We are highly optimistic that under his auspicious and peerless patronage, we shall proceed with meteoric velocity towards unprecedented functional excellence.

Sri Probindu Kumar Biswas

Sri Probindu Kumar Biswas may be regarded as the functional fulcrum of Barasat Sampark. By dint of his conceptual profundity and practical dexterity he is gradually reinforcing and consolidating the base of Barasat Sampark. Probindu has got the propensity of critically analyzing the intricacies of each and every issue related to the functional domain of his organization. Critical issue-based analysis in turn has made it possible for him to achieve theoretical clarity on the relevant subjects.

  • The outcome has been brilliant!!!
  • He has gradually emerged as an eloquent speaker on micro-finance.
  • He has become an astute project-planner
  • He has bloomed as an ingenious training designer

Probindu’s analytical acumen has escalated day by day turning him into the principal think-tank of Barasat Sampark.

Apart from his theoretical erudition, Probindu is also well known for his ability to maintain seamless coordination with the multifarious target audience of his organization encapsulating donors, investors, workforce, beneficiaries and all other partners in development.

Apart from being the think-tank, he has also become the gleaming face of Barasat Sampark, epitomizing its impeccable institutional image.