Vision, Mission & Value

Vision of SAMPARK:

SAMPARK dreams to establish a non discriminatory society where justice will prevail and each and every people of the country would be able to realize in full about their hidden potentials and will be inspired to use it with a view to establish a exploitation and discrimination free society through ensuring justice for all.


SAMPARK will render its untiring effort for the socio-economic development of the poor and vulnerable population of the society specially organizing women and children and assist/support them in the Branch of micro credit, small business, education, health and disaster mitigation etc. It means, SAMPARK works for group formation & mobilization of back warded portion of population specially women folk for improvement of their socio economic condition through providing micro credit and other supports in small business, education, health and disaster.


a) Target group level:
    1. 1.Make the poor women self reliant both socially and economically with the active participation of all level people of a society.
    2. 2.Make poor people income earner through skill development.
    3. 3.Generate additional income for families through creating employment & income opportunities for female members and to reduce discrimination among male and female.
b) Organizational level:
  1. 1.Develop a healthy social development organization through forming a long term independent organization.
  2. 2.Develop a skilled development workers group if they could rightly realize and execute the divisional needs.
  3. 3.Establish better communication and coordination among the micro finance organizations to keep up the opportunity of open discussion on different aspects.
  4. 4.Reduce social decadence and oppression either directly by the organization or using other techniques.
  5. 5. Develop skilled manpower through exchanging skill and developing intensive communication with other government and non government organizations.